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A.R.A.S. APPALAM offers you a variety of papads in size and taste. Time tested quality. Products from the house of A.R.A.S. APPALAM is the market leader at BANGALORE, MANGALORE, MYSORE, MUMBAI, today. We are stepping into 44th year with a single objective to deliver quality products at afforedable price. Appalam is a south Indian snack which is cripsy & tasty. Usually taken along with meals. We are proud to say that our manufacturing process involves traiditional method and highly concentrated on hygiene. We also manufacture Appalams in different flavors like Black Papper Appalams, Garlic Appalam, Masala Appalam Red Chilli Appalams, Green Chilli Appalams.Available sizes :
No.1 Dia 5” A.R.A.S. APPALAM
No.2 Dia 4.5” A.R.A.S. APPALAM
No.3 Dia 4” A.R.A.S. APPALAM
No.4 Dia 3.5” A.R.A.S. APPALAM
No.5 Dia 3.25” A.R.A.S. APPALAM
No.6 Dia 2.75” A.R.A.S. APPALAMTwoformula manufacturing process.ONEFORMULAONE…